Selasa, 7 Jun 2011


MAD Deal of the Day: RM49.90 instead of RM155 for 1.5 HOURS of Swiss Signature 5 Element Facial + Hydrating Black Clay Eye Treatment + Anti-wrinkle Neck Treatment and 3 x RM30 Product Voucher at Aspen Spa, 3 Locations.

What do you have?

Wood is for oily skin.
Fire is for sensitive skin.
Earth is for enlarged pores.
Metal is for dry skin.
Water is for dehydrated skin & wrinkles.

You don't have to take a flight to find out which category you are in. Aspen Spa is offering you the Swiss treatment at your doorstep. So go on and pamper your skin today.

oh sangat best kan bila dapat p spa..jom rehatkan diri anda dengan promosi di Aspen Spa..cuma Rm49.90 jerk tau :)

2 ulasan:

Ardini Humaira berkata...

lama dni tak bukak churp2 hehe

Redbloodsnow berkata...

Cubalah kat kuching ade offer ni..kan syorga wooo


Suka blog ini? LIKE lah~ thanks


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