Khamis, 21 Oktober 2010

:: Scenes From China ::

Officials inspect a train on a bridge after passengers were evacuated near Guanghan in southwest China's Sichuan province on August 19, 2010 an area hit hard by flooding that plagued China for weeks. The train traveling in southwestern China derailed after floods destroyed the bridge, plunging at least two carriages into a river, but all passengers were safe.

3 ulasan:

E.d.Y berkata...

aduii..jgn tunjuk benda2 yg berlaku kat china..huhu

alinac lover berkata...

@E.d.Yoh nk p china la ni yaa

ardinihumaira berkata...

dni nak g sana.. yong belanja buleh tak. hiksss larikssssssss


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