Selasa, 18 Januari 2011

:: senyum je yer ::

A man was driving
 when a traffic camera flashed.
 He thought his picture was taken
for exceeding the speed limit,
even though he knew
he was not speeding.
Just to be sure,
 he went around the block
and passed the same spot,
driving even more slowly,
but again the camera flashed.
 He thought this was quite funny,
so he slowed down even further
as he drove past the area,
but the traffic camera flashed yet again.
He tried a fourth time
 with the same result.
The fifth time he was laughing
 when the camera flashed
as he rolled past
at a snail's pace.
Two weeks later,
he got five traffic fine letters
 in the mail
for driving without a seat belt...!!

2 ulasan:

Gen Fujita berkata...

hehehe boleh tahan jugak kesengalan driver tu

Uchi kay-f @hmad berkata...

bhahaha..xpasal2 dpt surat cinta!!!


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