Rabu, 5 Mei 2010

:: Love Story of a Young Man's Love ::

I used to be like this?
I met a gal?

She was like this...


Together, we were like this
I gave her gifts like this?

I used to talk to her all night like this

And at office used to do this...

When my friends saw my gal friend, they stared like this?

And I used to react like this?

BUT on Valentine Day, she gave red roses to someone else like this?

AND, I was like this?

Which later led to this.

I felt like doing this.

But rather did this . .

I started doing this

And this

And I ended up like this.

2 ulasan:

Nur Hawa Mohd Zin berkata...

comel nye bebudak ni..tp ada plak yg 'nakal'

alinac lover berkata...

taw xpe..hikhik


Suka blog ini? LIKE lah~ thanks


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